About Bondeye

Bondeye is born of a personal passion for jewelry. Ever since I can remember, jewelry has been a passion of mine. Whether it was looking at pieces through windows on the streets of New York City, making my own in my basement, or giving my opinion on the pieces my friends and family chose to wear, I have always felt jewelry could be the staple of every look and I have always vocalized my visions and opinions.

I started designing jewelry while I was living in Sydney, Australia, a place where I was able to truly develop and harvest my enthusiasm for jewelry design. Inspired by the different culture that I was immersed in, I began sketching new designs — combinations of the jewelry I was seeing and the jewelry that I wanted to see.

Bondeye Jewelry is made up of two collections. These collections represent the many facets of my style and are designed to appeal to all women, for any occasion.


Classic Collection:

Simple, elemental elegance. 14K yellow and rose gold. Diamonds, Sapphires and Howlite stone. Designed for refined punctuation. To wear as a single pave band, or signet pinky ring, or to be layered across all ten fingers to show your individual personal style.


Bold Collection

Stand alone pieces, designed to make a statement. Precious stones make a play on color, assembled in unique, individual forms—  a confident expression of individuality, character and unique identity. 


I believe that the jewelry you wear has the power to reflect how you feel on any given day, without restriction. Both collections are meant to be worn all together, across every finger, every piercing, and each hand - the endless possibilities for personalization and individuality. 

My ears never match, my hands are never just one color of gold or one kind of stone, and my arms are never bare. On any given day I use jewelry as my way to capture and express my mood, my style, and my energy. My styles are meant to be mixed, matched and layered with each other, or worn as individual statements of your own natural beauty.